Surgitron Mole or Skin Lesion Removal

Cosmetic Mole/skin lesion removal

At Dr Allan Aesthetics, we offer “sutureless surgery” using the state-of-the-art Surgitron Radiosurgery device to remove benign moles or skin lesions, giving you better cosmetic results comparing to traditional scalpel and suture technique.

What is Surgitron?

Surgitron is a radiosurgery device that uses ultra-high frequency radio wave technology to precisely cut skin tissues, which allows for the removal of cosmetic lumps and lesions on the face and body with minimal risk of scarring. In the past, the removal of benign lesions for cosmetic purposes was done via surgical excision, which can result in an unsightly linear scar. With Surgitron, only the lesion itself is removed and, as such, provides superior results with minimal downtime.

Benefits of Surgitron radiosurgery:

Surgitron offers several benefits over traditional lesion removal procedures, such as: